Tallinnhome Rooftop party

There are no greater events I have been to than our Tallinnhome events. This was my second time organising something magnificent with Alina.

We usually start planning stuff months and months before the event. Well, we start with the idea, which leads us to loads of hours and days spent on Pinterest. Our ideas always grow so big that they over grew us and we have to back down a bit. Where are we going to get the decoration? What about foood and drinks? Could we get somebody to come and perform? Same questions with every event.

The outcome is always SO much better than we expect.

Photos by Ketter Michelle

Perfect weather and view, amazing people around. Special thanks to our cutie, Kristjan, for performing that night and inviting Artjom Savitski to sing for us. All tho we had super shy audience, but I guess that’s just normal around Estonia.  

Photo by Alina Birjuk

Ketter and Hans, again, you guys helped us out so so much. Before everyone started arriving and with the photos and videos and also, thanks, for just being SO damn cute.

Photos by Alina Birjuk

Everybody enjoyed pizzas from Mychef    And I had Sassy to keep me going

Photos by Ken Mürk 

We had a great pleasure to host so many friends and creative people. Big big thanks and hugs to everyone.

What’s next? How can we join with Tallinnhome events? Well, my friends, keep a close look at Tallinnhome Instagram (click here)  where and when ever this event will be, will let you know.

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