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Not turning into a fashion blogger or something, I’m here to introduce you to the badass girl life.

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by strong, successful and loving females, (guys, don’t feel left out, I absolutely know how powerful you dudes are, but this one here, mostly goes out for the girls).

I’ve been in loads of situations where I feel like I’m competing with other girls for super stupid things like attention or outfits. Looking back, I feel like I was a silly little unconfident girl.

Comparing yourself to others is not the way to live. We’re all unique, in the way we look and the way we act. We’ve all had our low and hight periods in our lives, you never know at what point is the other person. You might not see the pressure the other person is under and the other person might not see the pain that you’re in. No matter whether it’s with work, family, feelings or friends we should try to understand each other as much as possible. Instead of judging and competing with each other, we should see each person as an opportunity.

I hope you get my point. Ofc, it doesn’t mean that everyone should be your friend or that everybody should like you and you should like everybody else. No, I absolutely recommend thinking who’s your real friends and who are just acquaintances. Here I’m mostly trying to make you notice your attitude towards others.

Your attitude is just one side of it, you never know how the other person will adopt with it, but at least you gave your best and hopefully at some point, the other person will be inspired by it.

So girls, next time you find yourself in a position I use to be in, make the first step. Complimenting the other person will always softhen their heart.

And for me, a girl, who accepts and tries to understand others is a badass girlboss.

In April I had a lovely opportunity to photoshoot with Streetshop One and Piia, who I’ve followed for a while and she sure is a girlboss.

I find that this photoshoot was exactly what I talked about, girls teaming up and accepting each other as they are… no matter what they wear. Yeaaah, Streetshop One has very cool clothes, but the idea behind it for me is so much more.

Yes, they’ve now sent me some free clothes for the free photoshoot I did for them. On that day I just thought it was an awesome idea to have a shoot with their clothes on and meeting Piia was a bonus. If you think I only promo brands to get free stuff or get paid, it’s not true, I do it to have fun, meet new people and connect- everything else just kind of always follows.

Stay kind!


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