Making templates in your Instagram story

Clever little tricks on Instagram aren’t always introduced or shared. Not everyone will need them, but I think it’s still fun to know and sometimes put that extra time on getting that colourful and creative story or post.

You don’t always need apps to create cool stories, Instagram has some inside features that you can use to make your stories more eye catching.

This first one that I will share is my absolute favourite and such an easy thing, make your stories stand out with your own unique templates or use this hack to just create collages.

Instagram collage/create your own templates

This technique is actually not that hard, I would say it’s just the beauty of copy and past.

(As I have an Iphone, I’m not sure if this will work on Androids)

Basically what you need to do is just open up Instagram story, make a (black) photo – go to your Photos – select image – COPY – go back to Instagram – and the photo will just pop up there.

Here’s a quick demo video:

But that’s just how you make collages, making your templates straight on Instagram isn’t any harder.

Google is full on PNG’s and that’s what we are after. Choose the frames or oil splashes, polaroids… pretty much add anything you like.

Here’s another video how you can do that:

Get creative and start rocking with your IG stories 😉

Hope you liked this post and your feedback is very welcomed!


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