In collaboration with Femme Luxe

Stylish and reasonably priced clothes are always the ones I go for. I often don’t like wearing high fashion or branded clothes. Cause that means I can’t spill food on myself and always have to be on the look out where I sit and what I do.

I’m an adventures soul, I like climbing up the trees and running around. So pretty much all of my clothes have to be ‘adventure proof’.

I chose 4 outfits from Femme Luxe. I was really happy with the jump-suits. Black One Shoulder Jump-suit and the orange Rust High Neck Ribbed Jumpsuit. I’m really pleased with these two, although while wearing the black jump-suit the second time I kind or ripped a little hole under the shelves armpit. Maybe should have taken a bit bigger size, but still loving the look and will fix that little hole.

The orange jumpsuits has just been super great to wear, love the wide leg trousers look.

I also chose a Black Oversized T-Shirt Dress and a Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set. Those two were a little bit of a disappointment. Didn’t expect the dress to be so short, so I’m most of the time wearing it like a shirt. And after a hot day out my body was full of black fabric cause of the ‘dress’. So not my best pick. Again, maybe if I had ordered a bigger size it would have been fine, but it said it was oversized not a mini dress.

The Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set I haven’t even worn once. Cause it’s just not my style and way to sporty. And it just didn’t look so good on me.

You would really have to know your body type and check the sizes and fabrics before ordering from Femme Luxe. Absolutely you can get some super nice clothes from there and with a good price, but trying to understand in a certain clothe would look nice on you is bit hard, cause for me the way the models show off the clothes on their website isn’t really the say I would like to look.

Thankfully the delivery was surprisingly fast to Estonia, so no problems with that.


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