Saaremaa + Boost Yourself

There’s no better job I could ask for. Cause I can say, that my job is my hobby. Working for Boost Yourself is a blessing from God. First started as collaboration manager, but now I also do their Instagram and bit of client support. I have been doing that for 6 months now. Also when I was travelling around, because I can do my job from where ever I want to do it.

And as Boost Yourself is celebrating its 2nd birthday. We were all called over to Saaremaa and I finally had the chance to meet everyone else on the team.

Alina and I flew over to Saaremaa… and that was the coolest plane ride I have ever had.

We got to stay in GOSPA hotel and my boss Teet immediately brought us smoothies from Fresh smoothie bar. For a lunch, we all got together and later we had a meeting in our new office.

This is the first team photo in our new office and hopefully not the last one. Two of our co-workers managed to flee before the photo was taken. After our business meetings were done and official part was over, we went to discover Saaremaa.

One must go place is definitely Cafe Retro in the centre of Kuressaare. They have the best fish burger, craft beer and kombucha. And the fish they serve is freshly caught.

On Wednesday, we drove out from Kuressaare to see more of this beautiful island.

In the end, we managed to some photos with our products and smoothies.

Another good cafe we visited was Good Mood Food. The cafe was placed in the owner’s backyard, which was gorgeous with lots of plants and good atmosphere. We chose to eat their most famous beetroot burger and sweet potato chips.

We really can’t wait to go back to Saaremaa, it’s a really nice getaway from the big city and the food is just amazing.

Soola ja Leiba – Two girls, one apartment


Can you imagine living together with your best friend and every day would be an adventure?

I had dreamed of it many times. And it really happened. Sadly only for 2 months, but I’m sure that we will do it again.

Living with Alina was crazy in every way. Did we fought? YES. We laughed, we messed up, we cried and made up. Did we made each other strong? Yes, mentally and physically (best workout buddy♥️).

Do celebrate our friendship and our common apartment #tallinnhome, we decided to have a house warming party.

When we mean party, we mean something spectacular.

We started organizing the party in the beginning of January. Because first thing first, we needed to set a date. We constantly change it, but finally set it on 24. February.

We organized it for a month and here are the results.

Soolaleivapeoks ei pea alati soola ja leiba kinkima!😉 #tassikoogid 📷 @tallinnhome

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Ei mingeid kiluvõileibu🙅🏽 #tallinnhome #soolaleivakas

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One of those nights, that will go down in history! #tallinnhome

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Friday throwback to @tallinnhome party🍍🍍🍍 #tallinnhome

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7-Day Smoothie Challenge – One Smoothie a Day


It’s the most amazing feeling to start my blog about Boost Yourself, the same way I started my year. Boost is my family and I couldn’t imagine otherwise.

For the ones who don’t know yet, Boost Yourself produces superfood blends for smoothies. All the blends contain ingredients that I just can’t get from anywhere else.

For instance, Workout blend has baobab in it which helps to raise my iron levels.

Last week I took part of the Boost Yourself 7-day smoothie challenge. There was only one rule, I had to replace one of my daily meals with a smoothie.

To make it more varied, I chose different meal times and blends every day. Some days I made up a random recipe and just enjoyed my mixed smoothie. On other days, I went for my favourite smoothies and I will share some of my best recipes here as well.

I’m really into green smoothies and that’s why I like to use my Detox blend a lot.  Some say that Detox blend has a strong Spirulina taste  but I still seem to enjoy it.

Green Detox recipe

  •  1/3 Cucumber 
  • 1 x Apple
  • Handful of Spinach
  • 1 x Banana
  • 1 x Orange (if you want your smoothie to be sweeter then add more oranges)
  • 1 x Glass of water
  • 1 tbsp Detox blend (or more  for the stronger taste)

This recipe became my favourite from the day my dear cousin Katie came to visit us and shared her smoothie recipes. I just added the Boost Yourself Detox blend which made the overall taste even better.

I do love Boost Yourself challenges because they remind me to be consistent with my healthy living. I have now taken part of their two challenges and I can’t wait for the next one.

Are you up for a smoothie challenge? 

Boost Yourself & I will keep you updated on the next dates. JOIN US here. 

PS. Use ‘merili‘ as a discount code  SHOP here.