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It’s always juicy to see those unpublished photos from crazy photoshoots. Every shoot with Dago has just been WILD,  creativity flows and we feel free and satisfied by the weirdness level we both have. No limits. He loves being behind the camera and I just enjoooy being in front.

Now, months later, I finally publish the BANANA series we made in Sicily. Times, when it was warm and seeing a bikini body was no problem. Let’s not warm up the climate, so let’s keep this pic digital and for the heart and soul only. 😉

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After just being one day back at my parent’s place, they randomly decided at the coffee table that we should go to Viljandi. I first thought it was a joke, cause my mom and dad are so busy, that everything can change in a second. Didn’t believe them till my mom was screaming behind my door, that I should be faster and everyone else already in the car. Ran into the car, hair still all wet, shoelaces still hanging untied. And then I was sure, we were going to Viljandi.

Just a week before I finally met Mariel and her sister Kristel. Two gorgeous twins, who live in Viljandi. Wrote to Mariel and they were imminently ready to have a coffee in an hour.

Mariel is a young fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her energy is impressive, coffee and banana bread help to remain that energy. You can notice her amazing smile in the photos. Find out more about her blog. (click here)

Kristel, on the other hand, loves being behind the camera. She made so many good photos of us, that it’s really difficult to choose the ones to put over here. Definitely, check out more of her photos. (click here)


Coffee turned into a photo, a photo turned into a photo shoot, photo shoot came out to be one big laughter and enormous fun, we walked around in Viljandi and just talked and laughed.

What a better way to enjoy the Saturday, thank you, girls, for your warmness and kindness.



All morning Alina was talking about going out of the town to get some photos and enjoy the weather. But didn’t let myself to be disturbed as I was so into my work. And if I remember correctly, it was horrible weather in the morning.

In the evening when she arrived back home with a friend, I had no choice but to join them for a road trip out of the town.

We ended up in Lahemaa National Park, cause we were visiting friends for a BBQ. And the beach we were guided to was just breathtaking…

I really wasn’t planning to look like a little sailor man, but Alina even discovered an anchor on my shirt, so I couldn’t deny it, I was a little sailor man on my little boat, waiting for big waves to take me for an adventure.

There is only one month of summer left I started thinking about what’s next? What new I should do from the autumn. I always get brilliant ideas, when I go out with my friends, I get so much inspiration and encouragement from my friends. Two weeks ago, while being out drinking coffee, I just decided that I am moving to Italy.

I have always had the thought that I need to learn Italian and now is a perfect time. I will be moving to Sicily, where also my sister lives, I can’t wait to see her again. Last time I was in Sicily was two years ago, but it feels like forever.

So as a start to my Sicilian life I collaborated with Turista a Palermo(click) to introduce you Sicily. From Turista a Palermo you can find all the places you should visit and places you can stay. Your perfect guide around Palermo. So when ever you should visit, grab a Turista and get the most out of Palermo or if you’re lucky… maybe I can show you around?

Photos by Alina Birjuk



There’s no better job I could ask for. Cause I can say, that my job is my hobby. Working for Boost Yourself is a blessing from God. First started as collaboration manager, but now I also do their Instagram and bit of client support. I have been doing that for 6 months now. Also when I was travelling around, because I can do my job from where ever I want to do it.

And as Boost Yourself is celebrating its 2nd birthday. We were all called over to Saaremaa and I finally had the chance to meet everyone else on the team.

Alina and I flew over to Saaremaa… and that was the coolest plane ride I have ever had.

got to stay in GOSPA hotel and my boss Teet immediately brought us smoothies from Fresh smoothie bar.
a lunch, we all got together and later we had a meeting in our new office.


This is the first team photo in our new office and hopefully not the last one. Two of our co-workers managed to flee before the photo was taken. After our business meetings were done and official part was over, we went to discover Saaremaa.

One must go place is definitely Cafe Retro in the centre of Kuressaare. They have the best fish burger, craft beer and kombucha. And the fish they serve is freshly caught.

On Wednesday, we drove out from Kuressaare to see more of this beautiful island.

In the end, we managed to some photos with our products and smoothies.

Another good cafe we visited was Good Mood Food. The cafe was placed in the owner’s backyard, which was gorgeous with lots of plants and good atmosphere. We chose to eat their most famous beetroot burger and sweet potato chips.

We really can’t wait to go back to Saaremaa, it’s a really nice getaway from the big city and the food is just amazing.



After being 2 weeks in England and a week in Scotland, it was time to go somewhere warmer – time for Spain.

I had my cousin/best friend Maris waiting for me in Puerto Banus. We have knows each other from the day I was born. And since she has been away in Spain for a longer time, I found that is perfect to reunite in Spain.

Packed myself ready for new adventures and on the way I was. Had a flight to Malaga and arrived after midnight. I had no idea where I needed to go and just waited for some bus. About an hour later bus arrived and I was a bit closer to ‘home’. From that day Puerto Banus has been my home for almost 2 months.




My little side project is to make photos with my grandad’s old 35mm film camera.

When I studied photography then we also learned how to shoot on a film. And it’s the coolest thing you can ever do in a photography. The beauty of not seeing the photos immediately makes it so special. It’s like getting a gift every time I get the photos. Happens often that some of them are not in focus, I tend to mess up at least something, but that’s what I love the most about it, there’s nothing you can do, only do remember the good moments you had.

Here are some I made in Scotland.


Eneka Stewart
Eneka Stewart & Scrum



When we started going back to Mull it was again raining like crazy. On the way back we were tired and cold, we only stopped few times to take some photos of the lambs and let the dog out.

Scotland has the cutest lambs ever, there are more of them than people.

We still had one night left on the Isle of Mull, we stayed close to Tobermory.

Tobermory has loads of little cafes and they were adorable. But we were only looking for a seafood place. That was one of the reasons we went there, to get some good and fresh seafood. On Iona, we asked the locals, where is the best place and we got recommended many times, that we should go to Cafe Fish, which was in Tobermory. We managed to get a reservation for the evening.

On the way to Tobermory, we saw several shipwrecks close to the score. We had to take photos over there. Decided to do that before the dinner. Again it was raining, me on barefoot, all dressed up and ready to shoot. Even managed to slip on the way back to the car when we finished. But so worth it.

Finally, we went to get some seafood, the place was empty and we were the only ones there, but the food… hadn’t had something that delicious in a long time. Later they told us that we were lucky and were the first customers of the season. Win win.


















I have been traveling around Scotland before, but that place amazes me every time.

The landscape over there is breathtaking. Even if it’s rainy and super windy, I still love every bit of it.

From Stirling, we drove up to Oban and had a ferry to the Isle of Mull. Thankfully we manage to get on the Mull when it stopped raining. We drove between the mountains for a bit until we just had to stop and take our cameras out.

We were recommended to drive down to the beach and on the way, we spotted the most random red telephone booth just next to the waterfall, which was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.

From there we still had about an hour drive to Iona. We had to take another ferry, but because the island is so small, we couldn’t take the car. We packed up everything we needed and got on the ferry. It only took 15 minutes to get there.

We got there about 4 o’clock and all the shops and cafes were already closed. Luckily, on the Mull we bought ourselves some chips, prosecco and biscuits. And that was our dinner that night. We survived and now we can just laugh about it.

All we wanted to do anyways was just explore the island and went straight out before it got dark.

You can also check out my aunt’s blog Eneka Stewart Photography.

Ma olen  Šotimaal ka varem reisinud, kuid see koht suudab ming endiselt iga kord hämmastada.

Šotimaa maastik on lihtsalt võrratu, isegi kui enamik aega sajab ja on tugev tuul.

Stirlingust me sõitsime Obanisse, kus me pidime minema praami peale, et saada Mull saarele. Olime õnnega koos, et jõudsime kohale täpselt siis, kui vihm oli järgi jäänud. Sõidsime mitmete mägede vahel kuniks lihtsalt pidime autost välja astuma ja pildistama seda, mis oli meie ümber.

Enne reisi soovitati meil sõita mere äärde, kus pidi kaunis olema. Tee sinna oli kohutav, mitmel korral arvasin, et mõned sillad ei pea seda auto raskust vastu. Poole tee peal avastasime punase telefoniputka kose kõrval, mis sai koheselt minu üheks lemmik kohaks, mida nägin.

Sealt edasi oli meil veel tunni ajane sõit ees. Meid ootas ees veel üks praami sõit, aga Iona saarele inimesi autoga ei lubata, kuna see on lihtsalt liialt väike. Nii siis pakkisime kogu vajaliku kottidesse ja astusime praamile, sõit ise oli ainult 15 minutit pikk.

Jõudsime Ionale täpselt peale kella 16. Siis kui kõik poed ja kohvikud olid suletud. Õnneks olime eelnevalt Mull saarelt ostnud endale krõpsu, proseccot ja küpsiseid. Tuli välja, et sellel õhtul oligi see meie õhtusöök. Elasime selle õhtu üle väikese krõpsu dieediga ja nüüd saame selle õhtu üle naerda.

Jõudsime siiski enne pimedat kohale ja läksime saart avastama.












Eneka Stewart Photography



My 3-weeks UK vacation passed by so fast. Still feels like I was there yesterday.

When I first planned my trip I was supposed to stay in Spain for 3 months, but it happened that before Spain I ended up in the UK.

Thanks to my best aunt, I had the most wonderful time ever. I love staying at their place and spending time with them and they just have the most comfortable guest bed ever.

This time my auntie, Eneka, had planned us a trip to Scotland. Just two of us and her dog Scrum (#Scrumthedog).

Our week started with a day-long road trip to our first destination Stirling. 7 hours and 388 miles later we arrived at West Plean House. The most authentic Scottish home ever.

After our long drive, we only had the energy for a walk and a dinner.

The day after we went to discover Stirling’s old town. We visited the Wallace Monument and had a lunch at Sable & Flea.

Suddenly, when we walked out of the cafe we got some sun and we immediately took the opportunity to take some photos. It was crazy wind all day, but we still managed to get some pretty good pics.

You can also check out my aunt’s blog post about Stirling to see more photos.

Photos by Eneka Stewart Photography


Eneka Stewart Photography