My go-to Instagram story apps for photos

Ever since I started being more active on Instagram, I got obsessed. Obsessed with knowing and doing everything first. Also in general, I love the refreshing feeling of exploring and learning something new.

On Instagram, it’s all about the trend, those who catch the trend first are winning. Like, remember the #followmeto trend, where the person on the photo is holding a hand with the person behind the camera. It’s still a thing, but the ones, who created it got a lot more famous than they were before.

Also having clean and beautiful content is so important. I cannot bear to watch bad quality Instagram stories. Of course, sometimes Instagram lowers the quality of the video and so on and Instagram is catching the instant moment, but if it’s a shaky, loud and blurry content, we will skip it or just send it to your close friends (which you can now do on Instagram).

For my own Instagram, I don’t always edit and use apps to make that perfect look, but I try to keep it clean and understandable, not too much text, gifs, emojis. But when I do, I only use the best ones to make it visually super nice.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite apps I use to get those stylish photos.


This is one of the most popular ones among influencers. You get 2-3 free template sets, but buying the rest is worth it. Different fonts and features are available. Makes your photos to stand out and pleasant to watch. Here are some photos I have made with Unfold and a little sneak peek inside my Unfold app.

Unfold for your phone: Android (click here)    iPhone (click here)


StoryArt is definitely one of my favourite ones at the moment. It has a lot of free templates and it has inside filters. Altho buying a new set of templates is a bit more expensive than buying from Unfold. I like that StoryArt gives you a little preview of the templates before you start editing.

StoryArt :  Android (click here)    iPhone (click here)

Spark Post

I use Spark Post mostly for work. You can add cool effects to the text and make it more alive. Add icons and logos. Some of the features are only available to Adobe Creative members, if you pay for Lightroom, like I do, just log in and you will get all the features. App also has templates, but all the templates are single, Unfold and StoryArt have template sets, where you can create a nice storyline. Spark Post is best for promotional photos or single text posters.


I actually discovered Appfortrype while putting together this post. I immediately fell in love. You can add stickers and fonts for your photos. Perfect if you want to add small seasonal stickers or use that brushy background look. This app has a lot to offer and I’m also excited to explore this one. Most of it you can use for free, but again, if you want to be super on-trend, then you can purchase new stickers and fonts for few euros. Really loved it that it gives tips how to do your pics better.

Appfortype:  Android (click here)   iPhone ( click here)

These are only a few of apps I use,  my go-to-apps, super fast to use and once you’ve used them for some time you’ll have a vision and can edit a photo in a minute.

Hope this post was useful, if yes, make sure to give this post a heart and comment, only then I know if I should make another one about video stories. I have soo much to share, but will only share if you’re ready to listen.