DANIEL WELLINGTON | There’s a right time for everything

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Wellington for years, I remember when they first started and had few thousand followers, I was one of them and in 2013 bought my first watch.

Now here I am, collaborating with one of my favorite brands.  They have such a wide selection of watches now. As I already have their leather watch I decided to get the Classic Petite 32mm Melrose+ Classic cuff and as a gift, they sent me a black strap as well. (click here)

I have been wanting to collaborate with them for years but as a confirmation, everything comes at its own time, don’t run after stuff or people, if it’s not the right time, it’s not gonna happen anyway. Keep on working hard and never give up on yourself.

Photo by Chiara Magi

Rusty cars and girls | Martin Dremljuga – photography


Probably the last sunny and warm day in Estonia. We managed to use it well and drove to Järva- Jaani to get some cool shots with rusty and old cars over there.

Started our road trip from 9-ish from Tartu, picked up Maris, my cousin, and old classmate Anita Sibul(click here), with whom I was sharing the camera with. Anita is a classmate from high school and now a successful YouTuber in Estonia.

Our trip was just me sing old songs from the CDs that I had in my car and constantly saying how pretty it was outside, sorry girls, for being so weird.

And we got there much faster than the guys from Tallinn, our star photographer Martin Dremljuga(click here) and his videographer Koshkin. So we went to explore the little Järva- Jaani.

When they finally arrived, we started shooting from 12 and ended around 5-6. It was worth it, the outcome is just amazing, Martin made us looking like supermodels.

Later we ended our day eating pastries at my grandma’s place, cause that’s the way to end a photoshoot.


Arvatavasti see oli viimane soe päev Eestis. Me suutsime seda päeva hästi ära kasutada ning sõitsime Järva-Jaani vanatehnika parki, et pildistada sealsete vanade autodega.

Meie autoreis algas 9 aeg Tartust, võtsin auto peale Marise, minu sugulase ja Anita Sibula(vaata lisa), kellega koos kaamera ees olime. Anita on minu vana klassiõde günmaasiumist ja nüüd edukas Youtuber Eestis. Põhiliselt koosnes meie auto sõit sellest, et mina laulsin kaasa oma autos olevatele vanadele CD-dele ja mainisin korduvalt neiudele, kui ilus väljas oli.

Jõudsime kohale palju kiiremini kui arvasime, varem kui meie staar fotograaf Martin Dremljuga(vaata lisa) koos filmija Koshkiniga Tallinnast.

Kui nad viimaks kohale jõudsid alustasime pildistamist ja lõpetasime 5-6 aeg. Kõik oli seda väärt, sest pildi on lihtsa võrratud ja Martin tegi meist supermodellid.

Hiljem lõpetasime päeva Paides minu vanaema juures moosisaiu õgides, sest just nii on õige lõpetada üks edukas pildistamine.

Check out the BHS video (click here).

DJ M3rili | Mademoiselle rooftop

It had been long since I last played in Tallinn. Last month I was invited to play at Stockmann Mademoiselle rooftop. A super cosy place with a pretty view. I enjoyed playing there a lot and as it was such a pleasure for me and them, I will play there soon again. Check for more up coming events from down below.

Thank you, Alina, for making photos and videos. Love you. xx

Up coming events and locations:

12. August ‘Saturday Sugarliciousness by M3rili’ (click here) at Stockmanni Mademoiselle’i katuseterrass.

18. August  at Manna La Roosa Tallinn

25. August at Meat Market Tartu

01.September (more info soon)

And probably my last performance in Estonia

9.September with Alex Tervinsky Live sax at Manna La Roosa Tallinn

Tallinnhome Rooftop party

There are no greater events I have been to than our Tallinnhome events. This was my second time organising something magnificent with Alina.

We usually start planning stuff months and months before the event. Well, we start with the idea, which leads us to loads of hours and days spent on Pinterest. Our ideas always grow so big that they over grew us and we have to back down a bit. Where are we going to get the decoration? What about foood and drinks? Could we get somebody to come and perform? Same questions with every event.

The outcome is always SO much better than we expect.

Photos by Ketter Michelle

Perfect weather and view, amazing people around. Special thanks to our cutie, Kristjan, for performing that night and inviting Artjom Savitski to sing for us. All tho we had super shy audience, but I guess that’s just normal around Estonia.  

Photo by Alina Birjuk

Ketter and Hans, again, you guys helped us out so so much. Before everyone started arriving and with the photos and videos and also, thanks, for just being SO damn cute.

Photos by Alina Birjuk

Everybody enjoyed pizzas from Mychef    And I had Sassy to keep me going

Photos by Ken Mürk 

We had a great pleasure to host so many friends and creative people. Big big thanks and hugs to everyone.

What’s next? How can we join with Tallinnhome events? Well, my friends, keep a close look at Tallinnhome Instagram (click here)  where and when ever this event will be, will let you know.

Viljandi + Mariel | Pahkelphoto

After just being one day back at my parent’s place, they randomly decided at the coffee table that we should go to Viljandi. I first thought it was a joke, cause my mom and dad are so busy, that everything can change in a second. Didn’t believe them till my mom was screaming behind my door, that I should be faster and everyone else already in the car. Ran into the car, hair still all wet, shoe laces still hanging untied. And then I was sure, we were going to Viljandi.

Just a week before I finally met Mariel and her sister Kristel. Two gorgeous twins, who live in Viljandi. Wrote to Mariel and they were imminently ready to have a coffee in an hour.

Mariel is a young fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her energy is impressive, coffee and banana bread help to remain that energy. You can notice her amazing smile on the photos. Find more about her blog. (click here)

Kristel, on the other hand, loves being behind the camera. She made so many good photos of us, that it’s really difficult to choose the ones to put over here. Definitely, check out more of her photos. (click here)

Coffee turned into a photo, a photo turned into a photo shoot, photo shoot came out to be one big laughter and enormous fun, we walked around in Viljandi and just talked and laughed.

What a better way to enjoy the Saturday, thank you, girls, for your warmness and kindness.

Lahemaa National Park | Turista a Palermo

All morning Alina was talking about going out of the town to get some photos and enjoy the weather. But didn’t let myself to be disturbed as I was so into my work. And if I remember correctly, it was horrible weather in the morning.

In the evening when she arrived back home with a friend, I had no choice but to join them for a road trip out of the town.

We ended up in Lahemaa National Park, cause we were visiting friends for a BBQ. And the beach we were guided to was just breathtaking…I really wasn’t planning to look like a little sailor man, but Alina even discovered an anchor on my shirt, so I couldn’t deny it, I was a little sailor man on my little boat, waiting for big waves to take me for an adventure.

There is only one month of summer left I started thinking about what’s next? What new I should do from the autumn. I always get brilliant ideas, when I go out with my friends, I get so much inspiration and encouragement from my friends. Two weeks ago, while being out drinking coffee, I just decided that I am moving to Italy.

I have always had the thought that I need to learn Italian and now is a perfect time. I will be moving to Sicily, where also my sister lives, I can’t wait to see her again. Last time I was in Sicily was two years ago, but it feels like forever.

So as a start to my Sicilian life I collaborated with Turista a Palermo(click)  to introduce you Sicily. From Turista a Palermo you can find all the places you should visit and places you can stay. Your perfect guide around Palermo. So when ever you should visit, grab a Turista and get the most out of Palermo or if you’re lucky… maybe I can show you around?

Photos by Alina Birjuk 

Saaremaa + Boost Yourself

There’s no better job I could ask for. Cause I can say, that my job is my hobby. Working for Boost Yourself is a blessing from God. First started as collaboration manager, but now I also do their Instagram and bit of client support. I have been doing that for 6 months now. Also when I was travelling around, because I can do my job from where ever I want to do it.

And as Boost Yourself is celebrating its 2nd birthday. We were all called over to Saaremaa and I finally had the chance to meet everyone else on the team.

Alina and I flew over to Saaremaa… and that was the coolest plane ride I have ever had.

We got to stay in GOSPA hotel and my boss Teet immediately brought us smoothies from Fresh smoothie bar. For a lunch, we all got together and later we had a meeting in our new office.

This is the first team photo in our new office and hopefully not the last one. Two of our co-workers managed to flee before the photo was taken. After our business meetings were done and official part was over, we went to discover Saaremaa.

One must go place is definitely Cafe Retro in the centre of Kuressaare. They have the best fish burger, craft beer and kombucha. And the fish they serve is freshly caught.

On Wednesday, we drove out from Kuressaare to see more of this beautiful island.

In the end, we managed to some photos with our products and smoothies.

Another good cafe we visited was Good Mood Food. The cafe was placed in the owner’s backyard, which was gorgeous with lots of plants and good atmosphere. We chose to eat their most famous beetroot burger and sweet potato chips.

We really can’t wait to go back to Saaremaa, it’s a really nice getaway from the big city and the food is just amazing.

Mallorca getaway

For now, I sure know that my place is under the palms and next to the sea. I feel lost when I don’t have those nearby. And I will keep escaping till I move to one of these places, I just haven’t found THAT place yet. Until then, I’ll just continue looking.

As I have been back in Estonia for a month, got a chance for a little getaway. BACK TO SPAIN!

Mallorca – what a gorgeous island. That place had everything I needed. Arrived at the Pure Salt hotel just before the sunset.

You can find me under the 🌴🌴🌴

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Puerto Banus | Guillermo Antonini

Had a perfect opportunity to meet a talented photographer from Miami. Guillermo was travelling around in Europe and visited his aunt in Spain.

We took a walk around Puerto Banus and got some wonderful photos. Talked about our travels and that we should definitely meet again in Estonia or in Miami.

He took all the black-and-white photos with his 35mm Canon film camera.

Check out more photos from Guillermo from his Instagram.

Here are some highlights from the photo shoot: